Why a Naming Ceremony??


Naming Ceremonies are usually not held in a church and have the option to include or not include religious content. They are also not officiated by a priest or member of the clergy. A Christening is about the beginning of a journey of ‘faith’ and usually requires the family to belong to their local Church. It will involve religious symbolism and certain set procedures in line with the Church of England practices and ‘Godparents’ also must already be christened to qualify to become one. Although a Naming Ceremony is secular in its origin, it is entirely the personal choice of the parents as to whether any religious content, from any faith, is included at any point. If you are choosing a Humanist Celebrant, please discuss with them if you would like to include any religious or spiritual content. Naming Ceremonies are highly personalised and reflect the family and their wishes. They can also be held in any location so you have the freedom to decide where you’d like to celebrate. Having a Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome your children into the family in a setting that is comfortable to you. We want a Christening, yet don’t go to Church. Is a Naming Ceremony a good alternative? If you want to celebrate the birth of your little one, or a child joining your family, however, you aren’t religious, then a Naming Ceremony is for you. With a Celebrant you may wish to include bible readings or hymns, or other special symbolic additions such as lighting candles. With a Humanist ceremony, these are created and conducted without any religious content. Having a Naming Ceremony is a great way to bring the family together, wish your little one all the best in their life, make commitments and promises to their future, and celebrate the joy that they bring in any setting of your choice.