What do Celebrants do?

What Is A Celebrant? Celebrants are a popular topic at the moment. But what are they and what do they do? My name is Judy Cutt and I am a celebrant based near Walsall, covering Sutton Coldfield, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and will travel. It really is the best job but I am often met with puzzled looks when I tell people what I do so hopefully I can answer some of those most frequently asked questions. WHAT IS A CELEBRANT? An Independent Celebrant is a trained professional who creates and conducts unique, meaningful and personalised ceremonies for weddings, vow renewals, naming ceremonies and funerals or celebrations of life. Every celebrant has their own individual style so there is someone perfect for you! Your Wedding Ceremony should be fun and unique to you. HOW DO YOU DIFFER FROM A VICAR OR REGISTRAR? A vicar is affiliated to a particular faith system. Any ceremony would follow their religious guidelines and format, with little room for making it personal to you. A registrar however cannot include ANY religious or spiritual content. They will use a strict ceremony template with a possible option on some of the wording. An independent celebrant is not bound by any such constraints and can therefore design a one of a kind ceremony that reflects your style, personality and beliefs (or lack of!) The other major difference is that celebrants in England and Wales cannot legally register a marriage. This can be done in a brief appointment with the registrar and two witnesses. You can register your marriage before or after your celebrant led ceremony. Think of it this way-we don`t register a birth at the christening or naming ceremony neither do we register a death at the funeral. It is simply the legal paperwork. This leaves you free to include all the ceremonial elements such as rings, vows, readings, music, whatever you choose, to your wedding ceremony. CAN YOU MARRY ANYWHERE? Yes! This is one of the best perks of having a celebrant led ceremony. As celebrants are not involved with the legal registration you can hold your ceremony almost anywhere. The venue does not have to be licensed. So, if you dream of a beach wedding at sunset, renewing your vows in a garden at twilight or an intimate gathering by a waterfall, YOU CAN! (although I suggest checking whether you need permission!) HOW CAN WE MAKE A WEDDING CEREMONY PERSONAL TO US? Your ceremony should be all about you. A celebrant will spend time getting to know you. Your loves, likes, passions and personality will then be woven into your perfect ceremony. One that will tell YOUR story: how you met, your adventures so far, the proposal (romantic or otherwise!) and your hopes for the future. You can write your own vows be they funny, romantic or more traditional or have them written by the celebrant with your input. One groom vowed to load the dishwasher properly! You can choose to include favourite readings, music and poetry, symbolic ceremonies such as candle lighting or sand ceremony even include your pets. Another increasingly popular ritual is handfasting and is a lovely way to include your children. Jumping the Broom is a fun and memorable way to end your ceremony. A singalong with your guests, oh yes! Relaxed and romantic, a fun filled festival or a little of everything, the choice is yours. Your wedding ceremony should be the start of the celebrations not the boring bit before the party! SO WHY CHOOSE A CELEBRANT LED CEREMONY? Firstly CHOICE. A celebrant ceremony gives you the choice to celebrate anytime, anyplace and any way you wish. You will have full CONTROL over timing and content and approve everything yourself. You will rarely hear a celebrant say `you can`t do that`! If this sounds like your kind of celebration then I`d love to hear from you. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest ~ Judy Cutt Celebrant