White dove release

Premier dove release

Special wedding day dove release, a beautiful way to start married life. Based near Walsall covering The West Midlands.

A sense of peace and hope

For centuries, doves have been symbols of peace and hope. White homing rock doves released during a funeral pay a poignant tribute to the life of a loved one. It’s also emotionally uplifting for the mourners at a funeral.


I can provide you with a customised package according to your exact specifications. During a funeral, I can liaise with the funeral directors to plan the presentation of the dove release at the end of the ceremony. Also, you can choose the colour of the flowers and ribbons etc. Also, one or two birdcages can display a beautiful fantailed dove

For wedding ceremonies

A popular custom during a wedding is to release
white doves as symbolises happiness and prosperity. The ceremony marks the innocent start of the couple’s new life together. White doves can symbolize the purity and innocence of the marriage relationship since white is the colour of purity. White doves can also represent
something that is new.

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