Naming ceremonies

A ceremony that is full of joy

A naming ceremony is a special way to welcome your little one to your family and community. This occasion marks a unique chance for parents to state their love and commitment for their child and declare future hopes for the family together. I can hold the ceremony the way you like and ensure to ´╗┐make it completely child-centric.

No time and venue restrictions

You have the freedom of the choice for the time and venue of the naming ceremony. If you want it to happen in a village, on a boat or even on a beach, I can make it happen! A naming ceremony usually lasts for a short time and I vow to make it a ceremony to remember for everyone in your family.

Welcome an adopted child

A non-religious naming ceremony can be an ideal way to welcome an adopted child or embrace your stepchild into your family.

The Ceremony can be held anywhere so ideal for people with small children as can be done at home in your garden or at a venue.

I ´╗┐ can make your child's naming ceremony one to remember with my celebrant services. Call me on