W´╗┐edding dove release in West Midlands

A professional and meaningful service

It’s believed that releasing white doves on your wedding day is auspicious and brings good fortune. I ensure that you’re provided with a service that adds special meaning to the occasion. So, why not make your big day more memorable by releasing´╗┐ pure white doves?

Make your wedding day memorable

The White Dove has always been a symbol of peace and love, so what better way to celebrate and share your special day with your family and guests than with the magical moments of releasing pure white doves. White doves pair for life; they represent love and new beginnings, bringing a touch of living beauty to your special day.

Memorial/Symbolic dove release

Remembering those who cannot be with you on your special day… A time for remembering can be achieved by releasing a single dove from our beautiful memorial carriers.

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